Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Printer Cutter 20 Inch Brand New

Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Printer Cutter 20 Inch Brand New
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Product Name : Roland VersaStudio BN-20

Specifications :
Printing technology     Piezoelectric inkjet
Media     Width     150 to 515 mm (5.9 to 20.3 in.)
Thickness     Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner, for printing
Maximum 0.4 mm (16 mil) with liner and 0.22 mm (9 mil) without liner, for cutting
Roll outer diameter     Maximum 150 mm (5.9 in.)
Roll weight     Maximum 6 kg (13.2 lbs.)
Core diameter     76.2 mm (3 in.) or 50.8 mm (2 in.)
Printing/cutting width*1     Maximum 480 mm (18.9 in.)
Ink cartridges     Type and capacity     Roland ECO-SOL MAX (220 cc cartridge) or Roland aqueous pigment (FPG) ink (220 cc cartridge)
Colours     Five colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and metallic silver) or
Four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
(Five colours are only ECO-SOL MAX)
Printing resolution (dpi)     Maximum 1,440 dpi
Cutting blade     Type     Roland CAMM-1 series compatible
Blade offset     0.25 mm (9 mil)
Cutting speed     10 to 150 mm/s
Blade force     30 to 300 gf
Print heater *8     Temperature: 35°C (95°F)
Connectivity     USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0)
Power-saving function / Power requirements     Automatic sleep feature / AC 100 to 240 V ±10 %, 1.5 A, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption     During operation     Approx. 90 W
Sleep mode     Approx. 5.5 W
Acoustic noise level     During operation     62 dB (A) or less
During standby     42 dB (A) or less
Dimensions / Weight     995 (W) x 585 (D) x 291 (H) mm (39.2 (W) x 23 (D) x 11.5 (H) in.) / 35 kg (79.4 lbs.)
1 year manufacturer’s warranty including parts and labour

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