Best Built UT75 Computerized Engraver and Cutter

Best Built UT75 Computerized Engraver and Cutter
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BestBuilt UT75 is a 4-axis CNC machine the one with rotation axis added to 3-axis. It's sufficient working area is good for 2D/3D carving in wax, metal, acrylic, wood and also good for carving in bulk of things small and many in quantity such as initial necklace. It’s a multi-functional machine good for the carving 3- dimensional  by using the added 4th axis.

Use:  Turning of designed 2D model into real size, Cutting of nameplate necklace, of metal, wood, acrylic materials, engraving in wax. Engraving in jewelry medal, pendant, in various metal materials, tool for product design support of a corporation.Tool for jewelry craftsmanship & 3D modeling training in schools.

3D rotary engraving of cylindrical form like a ring.
It can engrave in both internal and external diameter of a ring. 
It engraves bangle up to 88mm in diameter.
It’s compatible with 2D/3D CAD/CAM SW.
Engraving in wax, acrylic, wood, chemical wood etc.
Cutting of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, brass.
Its 5 sensors measure automatically the target material and tool for easy cutting and engraving.
Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless engraving.
Cut nameplate jewelry (Software required. Sold Separately)
It fastens many types of material with one clamp without changing it.
It’s given with S/W for easy use.
Dimensions 385 W x 340 H x 315 D mm
Max Engraving Area 120 W x 100 D mm
Flat 120 X x 100 Y x 30 Z mm
Rotary 40 X mm
Cylinder Outside Diameter: 88 mm
Cylinder Inside Diameter: 14~25 mm
Tool 4 mm
Weight 70 lb.
Resolution XY 0.005 mm, Z: 0.00125 mm
RPM 18,000
100-240V, 50/60H

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